Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Solid Look of Granite

We installed granite throughout this house above Lake Austin for a contractor with whom we've worked for a decade.
We capped the Island by finishing both ends with pieces of stone giving it a very solid look. This Kitchen Countertops were finished in an exotic granite called African Lagoon with a Pencil Round Edge.

The fireplace was quite a challenge but the results speak for them self as we fabricated a solid looking elevated hearth with space underneath for firewood storage.
On the opposite side of the wall the fireplace is topped of with a solid mantle. Both sides were finished with the very beautiful, wild stone called Rainforest Green.

Quartzite in Lost Creek

We installed these beautiful Quartzite countertops in a house in the Lost Creek subdivision. The color is a very rare exotic stone called Calcutta Quartzite. The clean finished look of an undermounted stainless steel sink compliments the stainless steel appliances very well.
The customer opted for the sharp contemporary look of the Pencil Round Edge which is a very clean cut look and draws your eyes directly to the beautiful veining in the stone.

A large, but not over sized Island, stands in the middle of the kitchen and leaves plenty of room for seating and another area to show off the gorgeous movement in the Quartzite.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Still Installing Counters In Lakeway

We have been in Lakeway since 2000 and have been here through the good and the bad. It's very rewarding to still find customers in Lakeway who look to a Lakeway business to accommodate their remodel needs.

Although Marble requires a bit more preventative maintenance it can make for beautiful Kitchen Countertops. These homeowners selected the classic Bianco Carrera Marble for the kitchen tops.

A Bevel Edge goes well with the angled sink piece which was finished off with a stainless steel undermounted sink which brings out the gray veining in the Carrera.
In the bathroom they selected another beautiful marble named Breccia Sarda. Finished off with a Pencil Round Edge and Vessel-style Drop-In Sink this bathroom has a very soft feel to it.

Installing Granite In Lake Pointe

These customers went with the referral of a builder we have done
business with for years. They were ultimately very pleased with the finished
We installed beautiful Sapphire Blue granite with a Bevel Edge on
the Kitchen Countertops. We were able to make the sink piece in a
large single piece finished off with a stainless steel undermounted sink.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

East Austin Home Remodel

These are pictures from a home in East Austin that was remodeled by another one of the local builders we do business with.

The homeowner loved the look of the extravagant Rainforest Green in this kitchen. The simple Pencil Round Edge goes well with the squared feel of the kitchen. A stainless steel undermounted sink finishes the job off nicely.

The movement in the stone comes to life when you look at the Island Top.

In the Baths the homeowner went for the uniform look of a man made product in Silestone. The color is Stellar Snow finished with the Pencil Round Edge.

Thankful for Referrals

We can thank one of our many satisfied customers for another job referral, this one is up north in Round Rock. Receiving customer referrals truly is the most satisfying, as well as the most common, way we attain our jobs because the customer comes in and there is some trust factor already established. They have already seen first hand the quality of work we do and that we are a trustworthy stand up company with skilled full-time installers, not just a crew of subcontractors.

A beautiful exotic granite, Bianco Antico, was selected along with the Half Bullnose Edge for the kitchen countertops

Installers, who have worked together as a crew for about 4 years, hard at work getting everything finished and doing a good job of keeping the workspace as clean as possible.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Yet Another Showcase Home

Most of our work in recent years has been doing high end custom homes, this is where you will find the quality of work is the primary concern for builders. It's because of our quality of work, which is second to none, that we have managed to consistently be used over and over again in various Showcase/ Parade Homes over the years. This house is in the Spanish Oaks subdivision in Austin and was built by one of Austin's most renowned Custom Builders.

In the kitchen we installed Boreal on the countertops and we built a Brown Antique Island with the top and end walls finished off in granite for a clean, consistent and beautiful look.

In the Gameroom we put in Red Dragon with a 6cm Laminated Full Bullnose for a thick masculine feel to the tops.